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AMB delegate elections 2023

Teaching commission (UK)

Alena Streiff

My name is Alena and I just started my second year as a PhD student in the group of Jörn Piel. Since I also completed my BSc and MSc at ETH, I would like to contribute to future teaching directions in the D-BIOL to give something back to the current students that I perceived as given during my studies. Therefore, I think I would make a good UK delegate.

Amy Fraley

I am interested in maintaining my position as a scientific staff delegate for the conference of the teaching commission because I am motivated by my drive to enhance the education of young scientists. I have previous experience in course development for BSc pharmacy students and have designed professional development programs for students and postdocs as the chair of the student leadership council of an NSF-funded center. As a delegate for the conference of the teaching commission, I hope to participate in the design and implementation of new course curricula that will provide transformative learning experiences for the BSc, MSc, and PhD students.

Mathijs Mabesoone

I am happy to continue representing AMB in the UK and use my the experience in liasing between AMB and the UK.

Departmental conference (DK)

Rachel Mellon

Having served as a DK representative over the last 2 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed representing the AMB and being involved behind the scenes of D-BIOL. I stand again as candidate as I hope to continue my responsibility in this exciting role.

Gautier Stehli

My name is Gautier Stehli and I started my PhD at the Institute of Microbiology in summer 2022. I had the great pleasure to represent the undergraduate students in the teaching commission and department conference and I would like to be part of this important work as an AMB delegate. The politics of ETH interest me as they shape our research and teaching activities we are devoted to. I want to represent your interests in a constructive but resolute manner to foster an ameliorated well-being for the scientific staff of D-BIOL.  

Corinne Kaufmann

I am Corinne Kaufmann, a PhD student at the IMHS in the field of genetics. Before that, I was already at ETH Zürich for my Master’s studies. I have always wondered how a big university like ours is organized and who is sitting behind the scenes to make all the small and big decisions which are shaping the ETH. I now was able to get insights into the politics of ETH as AMB delegate in the DK for 2 years and would like to continue this interesting task. Therefore, I would be happy to be elected as a delegate for the DK.

Thomas Gassler

Hello world,

My name is Tom (Thomas) Gassler, and I am currently a PostDoc at the Institute of Microbiology. I am passionate about research and exploring new frontiers in various fields, ranging from metabolic engineering of methylotrophic bacteria and yeast to single-cell manipulations of filamentous fungi.

The ETH position I currently hold presents abundant scientific opportunities for growth and productivity. I am dedicated to further developing my communication, leadership, and organization skills to build effective teams. As a D-BIOL department conference delegate, I aim to improve these skills and gain insight into decision-making processes within academic organizations. In addition, my prime motivation to become a delegate stems from a strong desire to improve the work environment for all members of our department. Being an early career researcher myself, I am confident that I can represent the interests of my peers effectively and make a positive impact in the delegate position.