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The AMB board meets regularly to discuss ongoing projects and topics covered at departmental meetings.
The board is structured in teams that take over the tasks assigned to them.
Motivated new members are always welcome!

Current Board 2022/2023

Previous Boards


  • As AMB Chair, you operate as the main contact person for the executive committee and the department staff at DBIOL, as well as for AVETH and other department associations at ETH. You should report to and communicate with various bodies inside and outside of DBIOL and you should stay informed about regulations and implementations in our department and at ETH. By taking over this role, you will learn how to structure your day, how to organize events, how to moderate meetings, how to stay informed, how to communicate, how to work in a team, how to listen, how to be responsible,…


  • You are the Chair’s right hand. You help to run AMB, from co-chairing AMB board meetings, to acting as a liaison between scientific staff, the departmental administration and the D-BIOL executive committee. In this position, you should be aware of issues scientific staff face at the departmental and university level, as well as have knowledge on current regulations at ETH and D-BIOL.


  • As AMB Treasurer, you are part of the executive board and always have an eye on our finances. Together with the Chair/Vice-chair, you design a budget for the year considering all our events. You are the person in charge of paying the bills or to reimburse expenses of AMB members, which makes you be loved by everyone. You don’t need special finance skills for the job, that’s why this position is perfect for someone who wants to support AMB in an essential way, but prefers to act in the background.

Board Member

  • As an AMB board member, you have the opportunity to shape life at D-BIOL. You can be involved in various activities that define AMB, from the organisation of social and career events (events team) and welcoming newcomers at the department (welcome team), to tackling issues important to scientific staff as a whole (politics team) or focusing on needs of postdocs (postdoc team).