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PostDoc Day 2018

AMB is again supporting this years PostDoc day, which will take place on September 14, 2018. Find more information here

PDD 2018

PDD 2018 Programm

Launch of new AMB PostDoc Mentoring Programm

AMB, with support from D-BIOL, has launched a new mentoring program exclusively for PostDocs. The program aims at supporting your career planning with a mentor complementing your supervisor. The focus is not on science, but on your career advancement. Join one of our mentoring groups to discuss your most pressing needs with one of our selected faculty mentors and your peers. Find out more about the program on our website
Don't miss the opportunity and get to know the mentors at an informal lunch. The get-together will take place at the D-BIOL Symposium 2018 during the lunch break on

Tuesday, June 12th starting at 12:45 pm. Please sign up here for the event.
Of course, you can participate in the program, even if you cannot make it to the symposium.


In the past:

LS2 - PI of tomorrow

In cooparation with Life Sciences Switzerland, AMB supports the "PIs of tomorrow" session at the next LS2 Annual Meeting in Lausanne. Find more information about the call for participants here.

Date: February 12-13, 2018



Round Table Discussion: PostDoc to PI

The AMB PostDoc team is pleased to share the outcome of the “Postdoc to PI” round table discussion that was held on 7 November.
Making the decision for an academic career path can often seem uneasy and in hindsight can be regarded as the most impotent career move. With this event we wanted to expose more information on the most critical decision point: the transition from postdoc to PI. With a diverse panel of PIs we tried to share insight, knowledge and advice to postdocs that are approaching the decision making question about pursuing a faculty position or not. The discussions were set in an open and dynamic atmosphere where different personal stories were entwined with encouraging advice.
We presented a chance to raise individual questions to our selected speakers:

  • Camille Lobry (Institut Gustave Roussy/INSERM, Paris)
  • Mark Robinson (IMLS, UZH)
  • Stefanie Jonas (ETHZ)
  • Alvar Gossert (ETHZ)
  • Alexander Leitner (ETHZ)
The overall leitmotif gave a positive message to “Go for it”.
You may not be quite ready, getting close but you’re not quite there yet, the big paper you wrote may not be that well known yet. If by your own and by your colleagues’ assessment you are ready to get a faculty position, then don’t despair if it doesn’t work out the first time around; go for it again. Also, if you changed your field, or if you didn’t really do much of value as a PhD student, you may need a little more time as a postdoc.
With this in mind, we would like to thank all participants and hope that this has made an important impression and has given help in their decision making.

Roundtable: PostDoc to PI

15/09/2017 - PostDoc Day

The Life Sciences PostDoc Day was held at ETH Honggerberg on 15th Sept 2017. This annual event offers postdocs from different disciplines and institutes the opportunity to meet, interact, foster collaborations and learn. The PDD17 was unique in regards to the large number of representatives across the ETH domain that shared their knowledge and ideas with the postdocs (AVETH, Center for Active Learning, ETH global, ETH transfer, EU Grants Access, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Lab (ieLab), FGCZ, Scientific IT Services, ScopeM, Society of Women in Natural Sciences, and ETH Office of Research). A great attendance of more than 100 participants, a variety of external speaker with interesting research topics and career paths, a lively panel discussion as well as great flash talks from senior PhD students and PostDocs made for a very successful event. We would like to again congratulate this year’s winners: Best posters: Jorge BEIRA, Lukas BRAUN and Monica GHIDINELLI; Best flash talks: Andrea ALOIA, Gianluca FIGLIA and Joyce KAO; Best long talk: Enkelejda MIHO. The day was concluded with a vegan friendly BBQ where people met up informally and continued networking.

Please find all important information here.


Flyer 2017

2016 - PostDoc Day

This year's PostDoc Day was again a big success. A variety of external speaker with interesting research topics and career paths as well as great flash talks from senior PhD students and PostDocs made an amazing event. The day was concluded by a BBQ where people met up and continued hot discussions.

Flyer 2016

2015 - PostDoc Day

In cooperation with the IBC PostDoc Association PACE, AMB organized the first ETH-wide Life Sciences PostDoc Day, to give PostDocs from different fields and institutes the opportunity to interact, foster collaborations and welcome new PostDocs. Please find more important about PACE and previous events here

Flyer 2015

Program 2015

2013 - Post-doc to PI transition

Flyer 2013

PostDoc PI 2013 1

PostDoc PI 2013 2