AMB - DBIOL scientific staff association

About us

AMB is the official association of non-faculty academic staff (wissenschaftlicher Mittelbau) at the Department of Biology. Any member of the scietific staff is eligible for active participation in the board or in a representative position in the various departmental conferences.
AMB has a defined political position in the department and actively takes part in shaping the strategies discussed the departmental level. One example is through the representation at the D-BIOL conferences (see below).

AMB’s general objective is to strengthen the D-BIOL scientific staff and promote transparent communication. One aspect is the assistance of newcomers with tailored information.

In the annual general assembly all members of the scientific staff at D-BIOL get the possibility to become involved actively in participating in the board or voting upon new delegates for the various departmental conferences. Please find the current board here.

Organization of AMB

Our role in the department

The Department Biology has 3 main organs: the Departmentskonferenz (DK), the Professorenkonferenz (PK) and the Unterrichtskommission (UK).

The Departmentskonferenz consists of all professors of the department as well as 2 members of each of the following groups: the teaching staff, the scientific staff, the administrative/technical staff and the students.
It decides on structure and organisation of the department. It elects the representatives of the teaching staff for the UK and the admission committee for Master and PhD students. Additionally it approves annual report.



Gregor Weiss

Peter Renz

Markus Furter

The Professorenkonferenz consists of all professors of the department as well as 1 member of each of the following groups: the scientific staff and the administrative/technical staff.
It discusses strategies, decides on budgets to professorships and approves the annual reports on departmental infrastructures.



Alexander Leitner

Diana Stoycheva

The Unterrichtskommission consists of 3 professors, 3 members of the scientific staff and 3 students.
It discusses educational strategies and shapes the curriculum of BSc, MSc and PhD studies. It approves new teaching staff and chooses Master’s study advisors (Fachberaters).


Anastasia Timofiiv

Kerstin Dörner

Fabian Frommelt


Diana Stoycheva

Muriel Fisser

Organization of Department