AMB - DBIOL scientific staff association

Visit to CERN

Due to high interest in the first CERN trip, AMB Event Team is planning a second trip, stay tuned for the registration to open!

Date: 27th January, 2018

Registration: There is a limited number of seats available.
Please register here


In the past:

On January 21st, 2017, AMB Events organised a trip to CERN, Geneva! We were able to get a glimpse into the fascinating science of particle physics that is happening in our very own country. Our trip had a tour led by CERN physicists, who showed us the CMS particle detector and explained their fascinating work along with the structure of CERN itself. We had the chance to take a look at two really interesting exhibits and had the rare opportunity to learn about fascinating work that is happening in a field of science that few of us are familiar with.