AMB - DBIOL scientific staff association

AMB-AMP tours -
Biology meets Physics

Currently no Lab tours are planned.

In the past:

03/11/2017: Degen Lab (Solid State Physics, D-Phys) and Hafen/Stocker Lab (Molecular Systems Biology, D-BIOL)

The 5th round of our joint lab tours between AMB and AMP was a huge success again.

LabTour 5


16/02/2017: Wallraff Lab (Solid State Physics, D-Phys) and Hardt Lab (Microbiology, D-BIOL)

So far 4 rounds of the joint lab tours of AMB and AMP took place. Don't miss the next round.

4th labtour


07/10/2016: Johnson Lab (Ultrafast Dynamics, D-Phys) and Pilhofer Lab (Molecular Biology and Biophysics, D-BIOL)

The 3rd round of the joint AMB and AMP lab tours.

3rd labtour

03/03/2016: Huber Lab (Condensed Matter Theory, D-Phys) and Barral Lab (Biochemistry, D-BIOL)

The 2nd round of the joint AMB/AMP lab tours.

19/02/2016: Esslinger Lab (Quantum Optics, D-Phys) and Allain Lab (Moecular Biology and Biophysics, D-BIOL)

In 2016 we started a joint lab tour together with the department association of D-Phys - AMP. After visiting one lab of each department participants were invited for an Apero to exchange work experiences and network.